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Easy Tips on Managing Polished Concrete Floors

April 30, 2021
Polished Concrete floors

The correct finishing and care can be obtained via polished concrete floors. These finishes are time-consuming but one can get extraordinary results after going through the process. For a real makeover of your house, you just need to work on the finishing of the floor in order to get a new look with Epoxy Flooring company. The procedure to get the exotic floor can be time-consuming and begins with sanding the floor, followed by staining and finally finishing and polishing.

Things you will need:

•       Light sand paper
•       Gloves
•       Rollers with long handle
•       Floor wax
•       Brushes
•       Rags
•       Floor sanders
•       Dust Masks


Step 1 – Sanding
The first thing that you need to do is to remove all the rugs on the floor and make the floor free from any adhesive or nails. Hire a drum floor sander to start your work. Although these sanders are heavy but you will get used to its working. These sanders work very fast and you will see your work getting completed in just a jiffy. Some new lightweight sanders are also available these days and these are easier to handle. Use the sand paper of high grit which fits well with your machine. Don’t run the machine for very long on one spot Paradigm Concrete Finishes, as it will create irreparable damages on the polished concrete. Push the sander parallel to the grain never across the grain. Once you have completed sanding repeat the method by using sand paper of lesser grit. You can use an edging machine for floor edges where the sanding machine can’t reach. Continue the sanding action to get a smooth surface.
Step2- Staining
The next important step to obtaining exotic-looking polished concrete floors are the correct staining. Although the staining process is optional if you want you can leave the floor in a natural tone and straight away apply wax and polish.
Those who want to give color or stain to their flooring need to first mop the floor well. You need to make the floor free from all dust and dirt. One can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of finer dust particles. Once you have decided on the color or highlight you want to give on the floor, you can check the shade by applying it first on the sides. Only when you are satisfied with the shade should you apply it on the entire floor. You can use a brush and a rag to apply the stain.  Apply the stain along the grain and for lighter shades control your application with the help of a rag. You can apply a second coat if you desire but only when the first has dried.
Step 3- Finishing and Waxing
Polyurethane is the compound, which is used as a protective layer for your desired stain. Apply it with brush or rollers only when the polished concrete floor is dry. You can apply a second coat and aloe it dry overnight. Move-in furniture after a few days.
Waxing is another option; it imparts an added smoothness, shine, and durability to the wood floor.


  • Sanding the floor creates a lot of dust always wear a mask and an eye guard. The dust particles can be very irritating for the eye and also for lungs if inhaled.
  • Always do your work in well ventilated area, so that the dust can move out also the stench of the chemicals and varnish.
Remember that when it comes to your polished concrete floors, you have to implement post care measures too as the wear and tear on them is rather strong. You have to ensure regular cleaning and moping using gentle soap formulas that work best here.

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Polished Concrete Flooring For Industrial Warehouses

July 5, 2020
Polished Concrete Flooring For Industrial Warehouses

To clean concrete floors, you will need some good cleaners, and the best choices are liquid dish detergent, stone cleaners, and castle soap. You can also opt to use vinegar to clean. However, not all concrete floors are cleaned using vinegar in some; it will strip away the protective seal, and this may cause water damage. Hydrochloric acid is the best chemical for cleaning concrete; this is because it neutralizes alkalinity. However, it should only be used on stains if you have tried the other options, and it does not work. In this article, you will be taken through a detailed review as to why polished concrete flooring is usually preferred as the ideal flooring for industrial warehouses.

It helps you save on cost

Many large companies decide to pave with this material because of its price. It is usually a cheaper option because it requires less maintenance as compared to other floors, and this is one of the things you will be advised by a polished concrete contractor of garage floor installation San Jose. The price of the polished floor averages $2,000 in a 200 square foot room.

Therefore, if you own a factory or warehouse, you should consider this flooring because it is cheap to install and maintain. Additionally, this type of flooring doesn’t absorb anything.

Polished Concrete Flooring For Industrial Warehouses

High Durability

Polished concrete flooring is solid, and it can withstand pressure, hence why it is used in almost every industrial facility because of this reason. It can withstand the heavy traffic of forklifts, repeated movement of stock, and the aggressive chemicals or high-pressure washes. If it is properly maintained, a polished concrete floor will last for over twenty years.

Easy To Maintain

This concrete floor is easier to maintain as compared to other Carpenter Navan wood floors. Other than spending a lot of time trying to keep your floor in good condition by waxing and buffing, polished concrete floors require very little maintenance. This is because the protective surface protects it against spills, and cleaning up is very simple.

Water and Slip-resistant

There are misconceptions that because the polished concrete floor reflects color variances, it increases the chances of slips and falls. However, this is not the case even when wet and looking smooth as glass, but they still are not slippery. To ensure the safety of workers, this type of floor is highly recommended. However, you should not leave water on the surface to avoid accidents.

Environmental Friendly

Concrete flooring is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials. It is toxic-free because they are not treated with chemicals that produce harmful volatile organic compound (VOC). They have no adverse effect on indoor air quality; hence even medical facilities use this type of floor. Polished concrete floor increase reflection of light from the windows and current lights, thus saving on lighting cost.


Having gone through this article hope you have seen how having a concrete floor can be helpful to your industrial warehousing. Now that you know this, you should not hesitate to use this as your ideal flooring option and enjoy the numerous benefits it has to offer. Consequently, you will get to focus on more important things, such as increasing your business’s efficiency.

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Painting your floors With Epoxy Resin

January 14, 2020
Painting your floors With Epoxy Resin

If you’re looking to give your current flooring system a badly needed makeover, consider sprucing it up with Epoxy Flooring NYC, they are in best in Epoxy services they offered. With plenty of benefits to offer within its warranty coverage, an epoxy flooring solution can surely give you the best bang for your buck. Its distinctive features make it a perfect choice for spaces where the floors are constantly put under stress. These areas may include garages, retail stores, restaurants, warehouses, hospitals, schools, automotive factories, industrial and manufacturing facilities, storage sheds, and many more. 

What is Epoxy Resin?

In case you’re clueless about epoxy resin, this refers to a thermoset material that’s extremely hard and bonds fully to any concrete surface. It protects the concrete base from wear, impact, oil, chemicals, water ingress, abrasion, and other elements. 

A Closer Look at Epoxy Floors

It’s important to note that a flooring system which consists of layer upon layer of epoxy resin that’s applied up to a minimum of 2 mm thick on any concrete surface is referred to as an epoxy flooring. If the coating is thinner than 2 mm, it’s considered an epoxy coating. Although concrete is the usual surface on which epoxy is directly applied to, some surfaces may need to be prepared prior to the epoxy coating application. For this reason, it’s extremely important to determine if your current flooring system is a suitable candidate for an epoxy flooring solution.

Painting your floors With Epoxy Resin

Applying Epoxy Paint in Smaller Areas

Furthermore, it usually takes a number of days to put an epoxy floor in smaller areas including your garage or living room. During the first day, you’ll need to take the necessary steps to remove traces of loose dirt, debris, oil, and grease, read more about how to remove debris and oil from the floor at https://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/cleaning/tricks-to-clean-any-type-of-floor. On the second day, a thorough inspection of the flooring area needs to be done in order to spot dents or cracks. Once these flaws are identified, you’ll need to fill them in before applying the epoxy. On the third day, you may add extra layers of epoxy until your new floor reaches the desired thickness.

Applying Epoxy Paint in Larger Areas

The help of a qualified epoxy floor specialist is highly recommended for large-scale projects that require professional finesse, expertise, as well as the required tools and equipment for the job. Attempting to complete large projects on your own will not only be extremely challenging and time-consuming, but you’ll also increase your floor’s chances of failing. Try looking for a company that specializes in installing epoxy floors to ensure a quick and smooth installation process.

The Benefits of Painting Your Floors with Epoxy

Epoxy flooring systems allow you to have a strong surface that’s resistant to everything including water, oil, grease, chemicals, heat, shock, and many more. Its exceptional durability sets it apart from other alternatives because it allows your floor to stand up to the wear and tear of heavy traffic. Moreover, the fact that its surface is nonporous makes it easy to clean and maintain. With epoxy floors, you won’t have to spend hours scrubbing your epoxy floors in order to get rid of dirt and stains. It has anti-slip properties that make it a safe surface for walking. While concrete floors that are left untreated often need to be replaced on a regular basis, concrete floors that are coated with epoxy paint wouldn’t generally require any replacements or repairs for decades. In other words, installing epoxy flooring systems is great for the environment.  

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Garage Floor Epoxy St. Paul

November 4, 2019
Garage Floor Epoxy St. Paul

Have you ever been tired of looking at your same old garage floor? Did you ever want to just hide the stains and cracks on it? Well fear not. Epoxy Floors St. Paul have just the solution for you. We introduce to you our award-winning Garage Floor Epoxy. This epoxy is the toughest and the most durable epoxy floor available in the market and is perfect for your garage floors. You can install this if you own a commercial garage or even at your own home garages. You will love the change it brings to your space.

Our Epoxy Garage Floor is made from merging a hardener and a resin so that the mixture can stick tightly to the floors. Epoxy Floors St. Paul uses a mixture that has a small percentage of epoxy which make it durable. When applied on concrete, solid epoxy cures and provides superior quality durability.

Garage Floor Epoxy St. Paul

Our Garage Floor Epoxy has a number of pros. These floors are beautiful to look at. They will light up your whole room (literally, because they are reflective) and make it livelier. You will not miss your old, boring garage floors. Your commercial garages will get a whole new look and this will make your customers feel like they are walking in a high-end brand. Learn more benefits of epoxy flooring systems.

As these floors are so strong and durable, they become resistant to chemical and staining. You will not have to panic every time your car oil leaks or some other oil, grease, or chemical falls onto the floor. The floor will not be stained and will be easily cleaned without leaving any marks. Likewise, these floors are also resilient to dust that is accumulated in garages. You will not have to go through a big hassle of cleaning. A simple mop or sweep would make the place shine as good as new. This makes these floors really easy to clean and maintain. Forget that you would have to hire any cleaning companies to get the tough stains out of your garage floors now.

Moreover, these floors are also safe from the damages caused by heavy machinery and tools. Your jacks, generators, tool boxes, etc. all can be stored in your garages without fearing that the floor would be scratched in anyway. These floors can also be made slip resistant so that you do not have to worry about the safety of your family.

Epoxy Floors St. Paul will install your floors within two days’ maximum. The process is quick and efficient because we have a team of experts at hand that can tackle any task you put their way. You can select the floor designs that we recommend or create a whole new look for yourself. Our technicians will install your floors exactly the way you like and ordered.

Epoxy Floors is known for its name and the trust people have in its flooring options. Trust the experts at St. Paul Epoxy Floors to have a worthwhile experience with Garage FloorsEpoxy.

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Commercial Epoxy Floors In Orlando

October 16, 2019
Commercial Epoxy Floors In Orlando

One of the most workable or famous point to enhance the look of floors in homes or in offices is staining. Redesigning of concrete floors can be a very difficult task. This project is quite exciting and also very trouble while installing it at a home. If this work is officially handled by the professional it can be easily done because they can work with efficiency and accuracy.Below are a few points why Most Residential owner and the commercial owner recommended stained concrete in Los Angeles.

1. Durable

Stained Concrete Floors are durable because it is implemented on concrete floors. And also stains are topped with a sealer to enhance its colors and work as a protective layer so that the floor may not become fade, it will become scratch less.

2. Economical

Staining Concrete can also be done on existing floors. This means you don’t have to take out the old floor and again remake the new floor from the start. It is one of the best benefits of stained concrete that gives a new and classy look to the floor.

Commercial Epoxy Floors In Orlando

3. Adorable and Selectable

The other one of the advantages of the stained concrete floors is that there are adorable and selectable. The owner of the homes and the offices can choose the designs of own. It can easily be made and installed. It also can be implemented in one color or in different colors.

4. Low Maintainers required

Stained Concrete floor is very easy to clean and maintain. Whenever some person looks first time on the floor it will give an impression of polishing and expensive floor cleaning. This is the reason why the people are so surprised to see how much it is simple and economical for a longer duration. They are easy to wash as well. You can hire pressure washing Birmingham for this.

Cost of Stained Concrete Cost

While calculating the cost you should also keep in view the other aspects like long lasting and it does not include repairing for a longer duration. We should also be considered that those concrete stained floors are water resistant and molds. Installation cost depends upon the application of your choice. If the installation is simple it will be depended on low cost. If you select the heavy cost.

There are the following factors which would affect the cost of materials. Few factors are as follows:

1. Project Size

Concrete stained Price is at per square foot. If you expand the area the cost of the project will also be increased.

2. Types of staining

In applications, we can use two kinds of stains.


Acid-based Chemical Stains

  • This acid can give the surface the same look as per natural stones and woods.
  • It also required many steps for installation which can take more than 2 days.
  • It costs more than other types of stains per square foot.

Water-based Stains

  • It is a very simple application which can be easily installed in one day. 
  • It is also available in all colors.
  • It is very cost effective and also cost less than acid-based chemical stains.

Preparation of Concrete Surface

The concrete surface must be properly prepared before applying the acid or water-based stains.

  • If there is any tiles or wood are already installed should be removed.
  • Any glue should be removed.

If you are looking for more information, Commercial Epoxy Floors In Orlando to look at some of their outstanding work.

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