Feel the fire and ice of a Finnish lake sauna

March 13, 2020
Feel the fire and ice of a Finnish lake sauna

Are you thinking about traveling to a new place? Why don’t you book a ticket to Finland? Finland is a beautiful country no doubt but sadly, it doesn’t get that much attention. In terms of size, Finland is considered as the eighth-largest country in all of Europe. It has the perfect balance of modern city life and the serenity of nature. However, there is one thing Finland is distinctively known for and that is their love for saunas. We’re sure you’ve heard of saunas before and if you’re a fan then all we can is traveling to Finland will give you THE best sauna experience you’ve had in your life. Let’s find out more.

It’s normal for Finnish people to invite you to join them in a sauna. It may feel uncomfortable but going inside a small heated room naked with other people is not a big deal to them because it’s already part of their culture. So, when someone invites you to do it you just simply have to say yes. It’s a refreshing experience that will definitely blow your mind.

A typical Finnish sauna experience will go like this – you’ll be asked to remove your clothes and head inside a heated room to about 100 degrees Celsius. The heat of the room will cause you to sweat. The reason why you’ll be asked to remove your clothes is because if you wear them inside it will be drenched. After the sauna room you will go out into an icy lake where you’ll find a small hole. You jump right in and let the icy water refresh you. It’s an out-of-this-world experience that will surprisingly relax you. Trying this out while in Finland is an excellent way to get a taste of Finnish more about traveling goals at

Feel the fire and ice of a Finnish lake sauna

According to statistics, there are around 2 million saunas in the country that’s populated with over 5 million people. In fact, even state institutions and large-scaled companies have their very own saunas. The prime minister and the president have their own official saunas. Saunas can be found everywhere in the country like in cottages and apartments. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the city or the suburbs; almost every property has a sauna.
There are different kinds of saunas but according to Finnish people the best sauna is a smoke sauna. The door will be shut once the wood has completely burned down. The soft heat and the fragrance of wood smoke they say are therapeutic and soothing.

The amazing thing about traveling to different places is you get to understand and learn about their unique culture. Traveling isn’t just about shopping or trying out restaurants. If you want to put more meaning into your travels we suggest you imbibe the culture of the place even if you will only be there for a couple of days or weeks, that’s already enough to get a sneak peek of how other people live on a daily basis. Traveling and exploring new places is indeed one of the best experiences life has to offer.