How To Achieve Your Travel Goals This Year

March 9, 2020
How To Achieve Your Travel Goals This Year

It seems that everyone is into traveling these days. Your next neighbor just got back from his trip to Peccole Ranch and The Lakes, your cousin just posted an album on Facebook about her recent holiday at the Bahamas, your best friend just came from Bali and now you’re living vicariously through her stories wishing that you had gone there yourself. But while everyone is jet setting and traveling the world, there you are, in one corner of your office slaving away and daydreaming about idyllic sunsets and picturesque beaches.

When will your time come? Like every good thing in this world, it all starts with a goal. Instead of envying everyone around you, why don’t you set your own travel goals so that the next time you’re boss grants you a leave you’re not going to waste it in your bed watching reruns on TV. It’s time to make it happen and we believe that with these travel goals, you’ll be able to watch a Bali sunset with a bottle of Bintang in hand or be in a gondola serenaded by a beautiful Italian man. If this is something you’d like, be prepared to set your travel goals today.

1 Don’t Be Intimidated To Dream And Take Action

If you have always daydreamed about traveling then take action. A dream is going to remain just that – a dream – if you don’t take action. Aim for something you’ve never done before. In this life, nothing is impossible. Even if it’s just in your mind, if you work hard and save hard you can make it happen. Traveling is for everyone.

How To Achieve Your Travel Goals This Year

2 Save Money

Unfortunately, traveling isn’t free. You’ll have to spend on airfare, bus fares, food, accommodation, transportation, shopping, entrance tickets, etc. In order for you to afford these things, you have to have money. So, that means setting up a travel budget. Every time you receive your salary allocate a budget for your travel fund and once you have enough you’ll feel confident about traveling to your very first destination.


One of the ways to make your travel goals a reality is to spend time doing research. List down the cities and countries you want to travel to and read as much as you can about each place. You can start by researching the city that you’re highly likely going to visit. Learn everything you can about that city in terms of culture, attractions and of course more importantly how much money you’ll need while you’re there.

Airfare Promos

Keep your eyes peeled on airfare promos. Some airlines offer 20%-50% discounts on travel tickets. So you can really save a lot of money if you avail of these promos. What you can do to keep yourself updated to these airfare promos and discounts is to subscribe to their newsletters or like their page on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you will be notified whenever they are offering seat sales.

Are you excited to live your dream? Traveling is not just for the rich and famous. If you work hard and if you’re resourceful you can go wherever your feet take you!