Kitchen Cabinet Pantry – A Must For Every Home Large Or Small

November 18, 2021
Kitchen Cabinet Pantry

A kitchen cabinet pantry provides space for the one thing that is most needed in the kitchen – food. A stove, a microwave oven, dishes, silverware, pots and pans, and fixtures like the sink, are all irrelevant if there is no food in the house. It does not matter whether your kitchen is large or small, a well-designed pantry can give you this space.

For the large kitchen, there is an enormous style of cabinet pantry that is over five feet wide and six feet tall. This type of cabinet will allow you to lay in a supply of groceries for a month or more, depending on how many people there are in your family.

Containers and Pantry Fittings for the Big Kitchen

Your biggest problem with a huge pantry will be using up the food while it is still good. When you have a storage cabinet with plenty of room, the temptation is to fill up every corner. You might end up with more food than you can possibly use.

A good way to avoid this is to put everything that is not canned or sufficiently prepackaged into airtight plastic containers. That way, things will keep longer and your large pantry will be organized. You will be less likely to stuff it to the brim. For spices and small items that can easily be lost or covered up in a large storage area, put racks on the insides of other cupboards to hold them. They are better left out of the pantry.

Another way to organize your large storage space is to buy pantry fittings. These wire racks fit the entire inside space of your pantry. They have shelves and baskets to hold about anything you want to store. You can get them in a variety of sizes.

A Roll-out Pantry for the Smaller Kitchen

For a tiny kitchen, a roll-out pantry could be just the thing for you. This is a cabinet that rolls out on castors. It usually has two or three shelves, with rails on the sides of the shelves so nothing will fall out. These are space-saving because they are the height and depth of the lower cabinets, and they can be as narrow as nine inches. Yet, you can fit quite a few cans and goodies in such a kitchen cabinet pantry.

One thing you have to watch out for with roll-out pantries is that things are squeezed in pretty tight. You might have cookies and chips in with cans and bottles. This can damage the more delicate goodies. Try putting the softer or crunchier items on the top shelf with the cans on the lower, or lower two shelves of your roll-out kitchen counter pantry. If that does not work, use plastic containers for the crushable items.

There is a large kitchen cabinet pantry available if you want one, or a small one if that is what you need. If you want an in-between size, there are plenty of those as well. Finding a place for food storage is essential. After all, you cannot put everything in the refrigerator.