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Polished Concrete Flooring For Industrial Warehouses

July 5, 2020
Polished Concrete Flooring For Industrial Warehouses

To clean concrete floors, you will need some good cleaners, and the best choices are liquid dish detergent, stone cleaners, and castle soap. You can also opt to use vinegar to clean. However, not all concrete floors are cleaned using vinegar in some; it will strip away the protective seal, and this may cause water damage. Hydrochloric acid is the best chemical for cleaning concrete; this is because it neutralizes alkalinity. However, it should only be used on stains if you have tried the other options, and it does not work. In this article, you will be taken through a detailed review as to why polished concrete flooring is usually preferred as the ideal flooring for industrial warehouses.

It helps you save on cost

Many large companies decide to pave with this material because of its price. It is usually a cheaper option because it requires less maintenance as compared to other floors, and this is one of the things you will be advised by a polished concrete contractor of garage floor installation San Jose. The price of the polished floor averages $2,000 in a 200 square foot room.

Therefore, if you own a factory or warehouse, you should consider this flooring because it is cheap to install and maintain. Additionally, this type of flooring doesn’t absorb anything.

Polished Concrete Flooring For Industrial Warehouses

High Durability

Polished concrete flooring is solid, and it can withstand pressure, hence why it is used in almost every industrial facility because of this reason. It can withstand the heavy traffic of forklifts, repeated movement of stock, and the aggressive chemicals or high-pressure washes. If it is properly maintained, a polished concrete floor will last for over twenty years.

Easy To Maintain

This concrete floor is easier to maintain as compared to other Carpenter Navan wood floors. Other than spending a lot of time trying to keep your floor in good condition by waxing and buffing, polished concrete floors require very little maintenance. This is because the protective surface protects it against spills, and cleaning up is very simple.

Water and Slip-resistant

There are misconceptions that because the polished concrete floor reflects color variances, it increases the chances of slips and falls. However, this is not the case even when wet and looking smooth as glass, but they still are not slippery. To ensure the safety of workers, this type of floor is highly recommended. However, you should not leave water on the surface to avoid accidents.

Environmental Friendly

Concrete flooring is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials. It is toxic-free because they are not treated with chemicals that produce harmful volatile organic compound (VOC). They have no adverse effect on indoor air quality; hence even medical facilities use this type of floor. Polished concrete floor increase reflection of light from the windows and current lights, thus saving on lighting cost.


Having gone through this article hope you have seen how having a concrete floor can be helpful to your industrial warehousing. Now that you know this, you should not hesitate to use this as your ideal flooring option and enjoy the numerous benefits it has to offer. Consequently, you will get to focus on more important things, such as increasing your business’s efficiency.

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